Wait, William

Wages due from the Colony for his service on the expedition against Canada, in the year 1709, besides what he had received and taken up there of himself as money, 06-04-05 Hartford, April 2nd, 1711


Described as “Indian servant” but then also as “one black girl” so Simone may have been black, Indian or both (HSN, 43); could not find the actual will in the probate packets; it’s not clear from the HNL, 330, that the distribution of the servants was in a will, but only that it occurred in 1711.

Onepenny, Sarah the Elder

After 1686 Sarah probably lived with the Whitings. She owned land in the South Meadow of Hartford which she devised by nuncupative (oral) will to her grandson, Scipio. She also had land in Middletown.

Jecovons (Jecovous?)

Summoned Nov. 1710 to answer for the nightwalking; there is no mention of Jecovous in Joseph Bull’s will or inventory. It is possible that he was not indentured, or that the indenture was up, by the time time Bull died.


Not certain, but this is possibly the same Daniell of the Royal Blood mentioned in the Winthrop Papers (MHS) whose wigwam burned in 1674.