Unnamed  Spencer

  • Ancestry tree:
  • Age at death: 03/06/1762
  • Master / Mistress: Caleb Spencer
  • Notes: Notes: New-York Mercury (New York) March 15, 1762; Boston News-Letter March 4, 1762
  • Unnamed Spencer, Black, Male, master: Caleb Spencer, Notes: New-York Mercury (New York) March 15, 1762; Boston News-Letter March 4, 1762.

    The ancestry link is Spencer Family Tree (African) https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/173498790/person/302249804270/facts

    Caleb Spencer, the master, sold the enslaved man’s body to Dr. Jepson. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/156393162/person/402060927527/facts?_phtarg=kbm954

    (Researcher K. Hermes noted that News articles about the suicide correlated with unnamed Spencerthe individual died of suicide & that his cadaver was sold by his master to Dr. Jepson.)

  • Confidence Level - confidence_level - Highly Confident
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Black (defined as Unknown origins, but listed as a person of color)
  • Gender: Male