• Record ID #: 437
  • Ancestry tree: Simone Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Not Confident
  • gender: Female
  • Race/ethnicity: Native
  • Race / Ethnicity / Tribe of Mother: Native
  • Master / Mistress: John Prentis of New London (d. 1716) or perhaps John Prentis 2d (d. 1748); Thomas Hosmer of Hartford
  • Manumission date: "til she is 30" (before 1732)
  • Additional Relationships: In Prentis' household, Simone lived with Bilhah, Zilpah, Hannibal, York, Scipio, Rachel and Dido. Rachel was described as "the mother," but it's not clear if this was only of Dido or of some of the others. Frances Caulkins says Rachel was the mother of all of the named servants. Only Simone was willed to Hosmer, though Hannibal appears in his will of 1732. Simone does not appear in his will. The others were given individually to separate heirs.
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: New London
  • Notes: Described as "Indian servant" but then also as "one black girl" so Simone may have been black, Indian or both (HSN, 43); could not find the actual will in the probate packets; it's not clear from the HNL, 330, that the distribution of the servants was in a will, but only that it occurred in 1711.
  • Bibliographic sources: HSN, 43; HNL, 330
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