• Ancestry tree: Seockett Family Tree
  • Date of death: Before 1686 O.S.
  • Birthplace / Origin: Suckiog (Hartford)
  • Spouse: Sister of Pussuk
  • Child: Sowane
  • Additional Relationships: Seockett (Seacutt) was the son of Sowheag (Sequin) and brother of Montowese. His half-siblings included Seppunamo, Towkishke, Turramuggus, and Warwarme (Wawaloam).
  • Bibliographic sources: Part. Ct., 171; YIPP; CCR
  • Confidence Level - confidence_level - Not Confident
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Native  (defined as )
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Wangunk  (defined as Native American, of the Wangunk tribe )
  • Gender: Male
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Person: Seockett
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