• Ancestry tree: Plymouth Family Tree
  • Occupation: Soldier
  • Additional Relationships: Other Hartford soldiers: AUGUSTUS, CEASAR/ZEZAR; HULL, PRINCE, African American, S36596, 1790CT, Hartford; KENT, CATO, African American, S34392, [wife Beulah; he d. June 1829 in Hartford]; NED (Dolphin).
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Notes: Plymouth was a Revolutionary War Veteran
  • Bibliographic sources: DAR, 287
  • Plymouth was a Revolutionary War Veteran

  • Confidence Level - confidence_level - Somewhat Confident
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Black  (defined as Unknown origins, but listed as a person of color )
  • Gender: Male
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Person: Plymouth
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