Peter  Negro

  • Record ID #: 322
  • Ancestry tree: Peter Negro Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Somewhat Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Date of death: Before 1810
  • Occupation: Marine, seaman in Rev. War.
  • Child: Daughter
  • Child (2nd): Child
  • Notes: There was a Peter Nigro in Litchfield Co. in the 1810 Fed. Census with 3 people in his household, but it is probably not the same person as Peter Negro of Hartford. Likewise there was Peter Nogre or Negro in Suffiled in 1790. Peter Negro of Hartford, however, appears to have been in the community since at least the 1770s, with four people in the household in 1800.
  • Bibliographic sources: US Census 1800; 1775 Muster Roll for Brigantine Minerva (
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