Philip  Moore III

  • Ancestry tree: Moore Family Tree
  • Baptism or Church Membership: 06/11/1693 O.S. Hartford 1st Church
  • Master / Mistress: Caleb Watson
  • Indenture date: 10/06/1707
  • Manumission date: 1708?
  • Additional Relationships: Sold land to Thomas Seymour, 9/20/1730 (HLR, 6: 270); that transaction ends the Moore family in the records of Hartford. The only black heads of families in the 1790 with the name More or Moore are in Pennsylvania. BHF, 34.
  • RelationshipTree:
  • Bibliographic sources: FEH, 406; HCFC, 171; CTCHRec, Reel 505, records and papers, 98-99; BHF, 34.; HCCR, 1: 29
  • …convicted for “Stubborn and Rebellious Carriage and behaviour to his said Master” and sentenced to hard labor; convicted of stealing half a bushel and ¾ of good wheat out of the mill in Hartford, sentenced to a fine. Make restitution of the wheat, 1 bushel 3 pecks and ¼ of good wheat plus a fine. Master Caleb Watson paid a fine of 30 s. (short term indenture)

  • Confidence Level - confidence_level - Not Confident
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Black  (defined as Unknown origins, but listed as a person of color )
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Multiracial  (defined as )
  • Gender: Male
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Person: Moore, Philip III
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