• Record ID #: 173
  • Ancestry tree: Jupiter Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Highly Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Master / Mistress: Joseph Talcott (d. 1741); then to daughter Helena Talcott (d. 1798)
  • Ancestry tree - Master/Mistress: Talcott Family Tree
  • Additional Relationships: Jupiter was enslaved in Talcott's home with Prince, York, Rose, and Lillie. Helena received Jupiter in her share of the estate; she married Edward Dorr (d. 1772) and then Rev. Robert Beck.
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: Hartford, CT
  • Notes: Jupiter was willed to Helena; she married E. Dorr, and by his death in 1772, Jupiter's name was absent from the estate, but there were other enslaved people. As part of Mrs. Dorr's premarital property, Jupiter may have been separate, but his name did not appear in her estate in 1798.
  • Bibliographic sources: CTPP (Joseph Talcott); CTPP (Helena Talcott); CTPP (Edward Dorr)
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