Jethro (Aantonuish) 

  • Record ID #: 158
  • Ancestry tree: Jethro (Native American) Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Not Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Native
  • Race/ethnicity: Nipmuck
  • Race / Ethnicity / Tribe of Mother: Native
  • Additional Relationships: Father= Tantamous (aka Old Jethro) lived on East side of Nobscot Mt., Framingham, MA; Brother =Peter
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: Framingham, MA
  • Notes: Jethro, Indian, witness regarding death of John Wells 1695
  • Bibliographic sources: CT Archives, Crim Misd 1:206; Lisa Brooks,
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