Jecovons (Jecovous) 

  • Record ID #: 156
  • Ancestry tree: Jecovons Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Not Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Native
  • Race / Ethnicity / Tribe of Mother: Native
  • Master / Mistress: Joseph Bull (d. 1712)
  • Additional Relationships: Was charged with nightwalking in August 1710 with Jonathan Bunce's Indian man named Drusus, Samuel Howard's Indian man named Benn, Nathaniel Hooker's Negro man named Ismael, an Indian woman named Lydia (a widow), Mr. Caleb Watson's Negor maid and William Washington's Negro maid, all of Hartford.
  • Notes: Summoned Nov. 1710 to answer for the nightwalking; there is no mention of Jecovous in Joseph Bull's will or inventory. It is possible that he was not indentured, or that the indenture was up, by the time time Bull died.
  • Bibliographic sources: CT. Arc, Misc, ser 1, II:32; CTPP (Bull, 1712)
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