James (alias Eboe) 

  • Record ID #: 154
  • Ancestry tree: James aka Eboe Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Not Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Race/ethnicity: Ibo
  • Birthplace / Origin: West Africa?
  • Master / Mistress: Mr. Ebenezer Gilbert
  • Additional Relationships: Stole money from Stephen Hosmer's mother
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Notes: The court ordered James or Gilbert to pay restitution or for James to be bound out to someone else until the debt was repaid; James to be whipped; 08/02/1697; there is no mention of James in Gilbert's will or inventory of 1736.
  • Bibliographic sources: HCCM, 461; Manwaring, 3: 372-392
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