Boston News-Letter June 23, 1743

  • Record ID #: 149
  • Ancestry tree: Negro Jack (NY) Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Highly Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Date of death: 11/16/1743 O.S.
  • Additional Relationships: Executed with "Negress Kate" convicted of infanticide. At the same time, Barney, another African American, was whipped and castrated for the maiming of a 6 y.o. white boy, Thomas Allyn.
  • Longest place of residence: New York, NY
  • Notes: Executed for the rape of Hannah Andrews. It was the first time two African Americans were executed at the same time (Jack + Negress Kate) in Hartford.
  • Bibliographic sources: Goodheart, 62-63; DW, 104-105.
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