• Ancestry tree: Isabella Family Tree
  • Baptism or Church Membership: 04/14/1717 O.S.
  • Master / Mistress: Timothy Woodbridge
  • Master's / Mistress' Ancestry tree: Lord and Woodbridge Family Tree (Hartford, CT)
  • Additional Relationships: Isabella seems to be in a group with Diego and Cesar. The punctuation is unclear and it's possible Diego is a surname. It is also possible Woodbridge is not her master. "Diego: Isabella and Cesar, negroes. T. Woodbridge engaging for Cesar that he should be trained up in the Christian faith."
  • RelationshipTree:
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Bibliographic sources: HCFC, 191
  • Confidence Level - confidence_level - Highly Confident
  • Ethnicity/Race/Tribal Affiliation: Black  (defined as Unknown origins, but listed as a person of color )
  • Gender: Female
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Person: Isabella
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