Wanton  Ebbins

  • Record ID #: 98
  • Ancestry tree: Wanton Ebbins Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Not Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Additional Relationships: No master or parent is listed in the census. He may have been in transit in 1805 when the census was taken, but if he died (also possible) it was before he was old enough to be a householder (circa 1820).
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: Wanton once lived in Providence. In mid-19th century there are families by the name of Evans in Hartford. Possible this is some relation.
  • Notes: Wanton was born in 1802. Moved to Hartford in late 1804 or early 1805.
  • Bibliographic sources: KC
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