Joseph  Duce (Jennings)

  • Record ID #: 94
  • Ancestry tree: Abda Duce aka Ginnings Family Tree
  • Confidence Level: Highly Confident
  • gender: Male
  • Race/ethnicity: Multiracial
  • Date of death: 01/17/1789?
  • Birthplace / Origin: Hartford
  • Baptism or Church Membership: 07/25/1703 O.S.
  • Master / Mistress: Robert Shurley (d. 1711) became Joseph's guardian (aged abt 7) but Shurley died 2 mos after being appointed; in 1719 when he was 16 years old he chose Thomas Stanley of Farmington to be his guardian; in 1720 at age 18, he chose Samuel Judd of Farmington.
  • Additional Relationships: Father=Abda; Mother=Lydia
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: Hartford, CT
  • Notes: Neither Joseph nor Lydia is designated with a racial marker in the church record (HCFC); Joseph's death date is speculative. FEH, p. 1, under ABDA says "Duie alias 'Ginnings' a mulatto died Jan 17 1789," but there is no citation for the original record. No deaths appear in the Hale Newspaper collection for that date. There is an undated probate packet for Joseph Ginning with a meager inventory in Hartford.
  • Bibliographic sources: HCFC, 179; CTCHRec, Reel 505, records and papers, 106; Manwaring, 2:58; 2: 73; CTPP (Ginning)
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