• Record ID #: 81
  • Ancestry tree: Dinah Family Tree (Jepson)
  • Confidence Level: Highly Confident
  • gender: Female
  • Race/ethnicity: Black
  • Date of death: 09/08/1760
  • Master / Mistress: Dr. William Jepson (1733-1783)
  • Ancestry tree - Master/Mistress: Jepson Family Tree
  • Occupation: Servant
  • Additional Relationships: "interred at the expense of William Jepson"
  • Most recent residence: Hartford, CT
  • Longest place of residence: Boston, MA
  • Notes: Jepson was an apothecary who kept a store in Hartford at the sign of the Unicorn and Mortar; also performed surgeries; Jepson went bankrupt in 1772; any enslaved people he held at that time were probably sold to pay debts. In 1780 he sold a Negro boy aged 15, but it is not known to whom.
  • Bibliographic sources: HCFC, 267; FEH; RRR, xiii; CTCHRec, Reel 505, records and papers, 10; Hartford Courant, 12/21,1772 and 04/04/1780.
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