Alford, Alpheus

Former owner, Elisha Butler, quitclaimed Alford land and buildings in Hartford; Butler died insolvent in 1783.

Anderson, John

05/11/1776 Gov. Cuff resigned and Anderson took over as Black Governor. The transition was controversial.


Richard Lord (d. 1711) inherited Andrew from his father’s estate; he was valued in inventory at £45; in HCFC: May 18, 1721 “Andrew, negro, married Tamar, negro.”

Atis, Kitt

Kitt, born circa 1777, was purchased from Holland Weeks of Litchfield in 1789 at age 12. Weeks may have been going to work with Mr. Timothy Swan in VT to study music.

Avery, Unnamed

Drowned. Age not provided in the newspaper, but is in the church record. Census: appears as the 1 slave of John Avery. This enslaved man worked for the owner of a tavern and inn. US Supreme Court Justice John Jay stayed at the inn while riding circuit. Jay’s diary has entries for Oct. 11, 13-15 and 17.


Barney was given a severe punishment for sexually maiming the 6 year old son of his master; he was whipped twice with 39 lashes and castrated. It is doubtful he could have survived the castration and the second whipping.

Bartes, John

Bartes, John, petition with others showing that they are free black men who are still held in slavery & praying for emancipation. Conn. Arc. June ( May seas.) 1797 I: 109