Spencer, Unnamed

Unnamed Spencer, Black, Male, master: Caleb Spencer, Notes: New-York Mercury (New York) March 15, 1762; Boston News-Letter March 4, 1762.

The ancestry link is Spencer Family Tree (African) https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/173498790/person/302249804270/facts

Caleb Spencer, the master, sold the enslaved man’s body to Dr. Jepson. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/156393162/person/402060927527/facts?_phtarg=kbm954

(Researcher K. Hermes noted that News articles about the suicide correlated with unnamed Spencerthe individual died of suicide & that his cadaver was sold by his master to Dr. Jepson.)


[Court held February, 1731] John Frilly of Windsor v. Prince, a Negro servant to Joseph Barnard of Hartford, plea of trespass on the statute and demanding the sum of 40 money damages; plaintiff withdrew his action. Defendant recovered costs.

Pero aka Apro

A Special County Court 4 July 1716, case of fraudulent sale because Pero has a “loathsome disease”

Young Squamp

Executed at Hartford for the murder of Mantoshoes at Hoccanum; family and friends allowed to claim body, so not sure where he is buried.


“York and Lydia, Negro children, ye Servants of Governor Talcott, he publicly ingaging to bring them up in the Christian religion.”


York, an inhabitant of Hartford, was in East Hartford in 1801 “suffering,” whom the town considered warning out.

Wilson, Thomas

Thomas Wilson was born in 1785 and once lived in Middletown, CT. George Phillips is listed as the former owner. Ralph Pomeroy had 2 slaves in 1790 and lived in Hartford. Pomeroy may have died in Fairfield County in 1791, though the probate documents include only a petition for an appointment to a US civil service position. Thomas also could have been owned by Ralph Pomeroy, Jr. who died in Hartford in 1792.

Wait, William

Wages due from the Colony for his service on the expedition against Canada, in the year 1709, besides what he had received and taken up there of himself as money, 06-04-05 Hartford, April 2nd, 1711