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(Record # 49)
Notes: Cate buried at the expense of Aaron
Cipeo, Wife of
(Record # 59)
Coffe, Wife of
(Record # 61)
Notes: In his will, Deacon Sheldon passed Coffe on to his wife, and then after her death to his son John or daughter Abigail. The boys are valued at £80, Sue at £60, and Coffe, wife and child at £130. Robbins was valued at £70.
Cuff, Sally
(Record # 65)
Notes: Sally Cuff bought her own freedom for 100 pounds
Curtiss, Lydia
(Record # 67)
Notes: Fed Censuses for 1790 and 1800 show no enslaved people in the Patten household, but in 1810 the family had one non-white free person living with them
Curtiss, Betsey
(Record # 68)
Notes: Curtiss was probably pronounced "Cutas." Betsy and Aaron belong the same church and are roughly the same age.
Dige, Racheal
(Record # 81)
Notes: Had been in Hartford since 1772.
(Record # 82)
Notes: Jepson was an apothecary who kept a store in Hartford at the sign of the Unicorn and Mortar; also performed surgeries; Jepson went bankrupt in 1772; any enslaved people he held at that time were probably sold to pay debts. In 1780 he sold a Negro boy aged 15, but it is not known to whom.
(Record # 83)
Notes: Baptized as a child
(Record # 84)
Notes: Baptized as a child
Dolphin, Fanny
(Record # 86)
Notes: Ned's widow died 12/27/1818 of a fit.
Dolphin, Polly
(Record # 91)
Notes: Polly Dolphin was born in 1797
Duce, Hannah
(Record # 94)
Notes: Her punishment for her conviction was to pay 40 shillings or be whipped; testimony concerning death of John Wells 1695; Duce, Hannah, negro slave of Thomas Richards, question of slavery of her child Abda, whom she claimed was son of John Gennings, a white man, 1702/3.
Duce, Lydia (aka Lydia Abda)
(Record # 96)
Notes: The death date for Lydia is from a Center Church record in, but it's not certain it is the same Lydia who was the wife of Abda. The lack of a last name makes it possible.
Ebeaw, Jenny
(Record # 100)
Notes: Jenny Ebeaw was born in 1782. "Jersey" is listed as her former home
Edwards, Phebe
(Record # 102)
Freeman, Susannah
(Record # 108)
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Griff, Wife of
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