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Aaron, Wife of
(Record # 2)
Notes: The index on the microfilm gives the incorrect page number
Abigail, Child of
(Record # 5)
Abbot, Flora
(Record # 3)
(Record # 4)
Alford, Wife of Alpheus
(Record # 11)
Bell, Sophia
(Record # 20)
Notes: Died of Tussis
(Record # 23)
Notes: Burial charged to Joseph Woodbridge
Betsey, Child of
(Record # 24)
Notes: Listed only as "Child of Betzy, Indian."
(Record # 25)
Notes: Baptised in Middletown but described in ch rec as "free Negro woman of Hartford"
(Record # 26)
Notes: In 1742 Edwards removed to his native town of Hartford where he opened another law office. He practiced law and entered public service.
(Record # 27)
Notes: Baptized by Rev. Daniel Wadsworth, 1st Church
Black Betsey
(Record # 28)
Notes: Buried at her own expense.
Boardman, Jemima
(Record # 31)
Notes: Jemima was born in 1769
Boston, Jude, Child of
(Record # 35)
Notes: Died of fits
Boston, Lydia
(Record # 36)
Boston, Lydia, Child of
(Record # 37)
Butler, Peggy
(Record # 40)
Notes: Peggy was born in 1787; Delilah was born in 1804. Peggy seems to have died between 1810 and 1824.
(Record # 42)
Notes: Buried at the expense of the town; the name may have come from a famous French or Flemish artist, the Master of Busico (or Boucicaut) who painted miniatures.
(Record # 45)
Carney, Silvia
(Record # 47)
Notes: Sylvia was born in 1783 and once lived in Middletown. Captain Mortimer is listed as her former owner

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