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Abigail, Child of
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(Record # 22)
Notes: "Ben, Indian, Hartford, complaint of his threatening Thos. Andrews with a knife," 11/06/1706 Crims and Misd 1:457b
Betsey, Child of
(Record # 24)
Notes: Listed only as "Child of Betzy, Indian."
Black Betsey
(Record # 28)
Notes: Buried at her own expense.
(Record # 71)
Notes: Not certain, but this is possibly the same Daniell of the Royal Blood mentioned in the Winthrop Papers (MHS) whose wigwam burned in 1674.
(Record # 92)
Notes: With other Indians and Negro slaves were summoned to answer charges of nightwalking on November 10, 1710. The name Drusus was not the Native American name. It is a Roman name, the Father of the Emperor Claudius. It was common to use names from antiquity for Native American or African servants and enslaved people.
Indian girl
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(Record # 159)
Notes: In 1657 Japhet paid mill rate to the town; on 1/4/1678 OS he broke a window in Nath Standley's warehouse and stole boxes and pipes, for which he was fined 16 shillings; in 1694/95 Abigail Lord complained that Japhet broke into her house (and in this case he is referred to as Mr. Tho Richard's Indian)
Jecovons (Jecovous?)
(Record # 160)
Notes: Summoned Nov. 1710 to answer for the nightwalking; there is no mention of Jecovous in Joseph Bull's will or inventory. It is possible that he was not indentured, or that the indenture was up, by the time time Bull died.
Jethro (aka Aantonuish)
(Record # 162)
Notes: Jethro, Indian, witness regarding death of John Wells 1695
Johns, Peter
(Record # 165)
Notes: Peter Johns was convicted of deserting service on 05/23/1777
(Record # 175)
(Record # 190)
Notes: Valued in inventory at £50; Spanish Indian
Lydia (Widow)
(Record # 197)
Notes: Summoned Nov. 1710
(Record # 201)
Notes: Mentioned as the mother of Naomi.
Mohawk, Aaron
(Record # 221)
Notes: Clothing account,1750, caused some controversy
Mohawk, Peter
(Record # 222)
Notes: Verdict of jury of inquest that death resulted from drink and exposure to weather
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