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Alfred, Jeremiah (aka Alford)
(Record # 7)
Notes: Jeremiah Alfred was a free man born in 1783; issued SPC on 12/25/1805 (listed as colored)
Alfred, John (aka Alford)
(Record # 8)
Notes: John Alfred was born in 1791. John was free. SPC issued 10/24/1806 (listed as Negro)
Alvert, Alpheus (aka Alford), Child of
(Record # 10)
Notes: Described as "mulatto"; died with sibling
Duce-Ginnings, Abda
(Record # 93)
Notes: Escaped from Thomas Richards to live with Captain Wadsworth in 1702. Subject of legal action involving Richard Lord. In Thomas Richards' probated estate in 1750, there are no enslaved people mentioned. Abda Duce's estate was probated in Hartford in 1709. In his probate documents, Abda is never described as "negro," "mulatto," or other racial marker. His status of slave or free is not indicated. His wife Lydia was allowed to take an oath in court.
Duce, Joseph (aka Joseph Jennings)
(Record # 95)
Notes: Neither Joseph nor Lydia is designated with a racial marker in the church record (HCFC); Joseph's death date is speculative. FEH, p. 1, under ABDA says "Duie alias 'Ginnings' a mulatto died Jan 17 1789," but there is no citation for the original record. No deaths appear in the Hale Newspaper collection for that date. There is an undated probate packet for Joseph Ginning with a meager inventory in Hartford.
(Record # 125)
(Record # 161)
Notes: Described as "mulatto"
(Record # 192)
Notes: Described as "a Negro Girl" but other indicators she was multiracial
Lucy, Child of
(Record # 193)
Notes: Described as "child of Lucy the Molatto woman"; charge of burial to the town
Lucy, Child of
(Record # 194)
Notes: In this record, Lucy's race is not given; charge of burial to the town
Milla, Child of
(Record # 207)
Notes: The record reads: "Milla Negro Molatto Child"
(Record # 210)
Minda, Child of
(Record # 211)
Notes: Minda, the mother, is described as "A Molatto"
Moore, Philip III
(Record # 226)
Poor Person
(Record # 392)
(Record # 397)
(Record # 463)
Tyler, Timothy
(Record # 473)
Mulatto Child
(Record # 233)
Notes: Master of the workhouse was John Coleman

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