At Thomas’ baptism, Cooke and his wife promised to “take care that it (ie. Thomas) should be educated in the christian faith”


Also incorrectly transcribed as Lume (Quame?) in church records and Primus in the newspaper; taken with a fit or delirium while in close confinement in the jail; described as Negro in the church record and “molatto” in the newspaper. Prime is the name used in Anne Burnham’s will. Anne Burnham freed the servants.

Moore, Philip III

…convicted for “Stubborn and Rebellious Carriage and behaviour to his said Master” and sentenced to hard labor; convicted of stealing half a bushel and ¾ of good wheat out of the mill in Hartford, sentenced to a fine. Make restitution of the wheat, 1 bushel 3 pecks and ¼ of good wheat plus a fine. Master Caleb Watson paid a fine of 30 s. (short term indenture)


Described as “a Negro Girl” but other indicators she was multiracial