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(Record # 152)
Notes: Welles willed half of Jack to his wife and half to his daughter
(Record # 163)
Notes: Baptised with London, Dick, and Mima
Johnson, Child of
(Record # 167)
Jones, John
(Record # 174)
Notes: Witness to Cuff's resignation as Black Governor; death by drowning, if the record is of this John Jones. No racial designation listed.
(Record # 179)
(Record # 180)
(Record # 187)
Notes: Baptised with Dick, Jethro, and Mima.
Lydia (Widow)
(Record # 197)
Notes: Summoned Nov. 1710
Lydia, Husband of
(Record # 198)
(Record # 200)
(Record # 208)
Notes: Baptised with London, Dick, and Jethro. Mima was described as a "Negro child." The others belonged to Edwards, she to Goodwin.
Miranda, Sibyl
(Record # 220)
Notes: Died of consumption
Moore, Lydia Sr.
(Record # 225)
Notes: Lydia quitclaimed land to her son John (HLR, 3:84) The transaction took place on 01/22/1717 O.S.
Moore, Sarah
(Record # 231)
Notes: On 11/2/1713 and 12/16/1714 O.S. at at town meeting, Thomas Seymour was granted eight pounds for "keeping" Sarah Moore and her children.
Mumford, Phyllis
(Record # 234)
Notes: Phyllis Mumford was born in 1768 and once lived in New London. John Mumford=former owner
Native Child
(Record # 236)
Native Child
(Record # 237)
Sarah (Negro Maid)
(Record # 323)
Notes: described as "molatto-woman" (HCCR 1:29)
Negro Maid
(Record # 324)
A Negro Man
(Record # 325)

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