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Notes: In 1742 Edwards removed to his native town of Hartford where he opened another law office. He practiced law and entered public service.
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Notes: Baptized by Rev. Daniel Wadsworth, 1st Church
Boardman, Tutlin
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Notes: Tutlin Boardman was born in 1735 O.S
Buckingham, Paul
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Carney, Silvia
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Notes: Sylvia was born in 1783 and once lived in Middletown. Captain Mortimer is listed as her former owner
Cezar (aka Cesar)
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Notes: Valued in inventory at £12
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Notes: Does not appear in the wills of Timothy Woodbridge or Abigail Lord Woodbridge. Possibly sold or given to Richard and Abigail's children.
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Notes: Cuff became governor when Mr. Wyllys's Black servant died; 05/11/1776 Gov. Cuff resigned and Anderson took over as Black Governor. The transition was controversial. Note: Nothing is known about Cuff, but it is possible he was the Cuff mentioned in Sarah Edwards' inventory, married to Kate, with three children.
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Cuff, Sally
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Notes: Sally Cuff bought her own freedom for 100 pounds
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Notes: In his will, Capt. Selden passed Coffe on to his wife, and then after her death to his son John or daughter Abigail. The boys are valued at £80, Sue at £60, and Coffe, wife and child at £130. Robbins was valued at £70.
Dee, Tomber
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Notes: 5 persons in the household
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Notes: Not certain, but this is possibly the same Daniell of the Royal Blood mentioned in the Winthrop Papers (MHS) whose wigwam burned in 1674.
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Notes: Dick was born in 1756. On 01/01/1763, Dick was sold to George and Sarah Lord at the age of 7; No references to Dick in inventory of George Lord, Sr.
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Notes: Diego is mentioned in the January 1716-17 will of Edward Cadwell. A "negro boy" is valued at £50 in the inventory of Edward Cadwell's estate completed on May 20, 1719.
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Notes: Valued in inventory at £20
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Indian girl
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