York, an inhabitant of Hartford, was in East Hartford in 1801 “suffering,” whom the town considered warning out.


Executed at Hartford for murder of her husband at Stonington; friends and relatives allowed to claim her body, so not sure if she is in HABG


There appears to have been a smallpox epidemic, as a number of people perished between January and March, 1761. Many of Morison’s slaves came on a voyage of Timothy Miller’s schooner, the Speedwell. The only documented voyage is July, 1761, but there were earlier ones based on Morison’s will in which he mentions others. The documented voyage is #36995.


Tack was born in 1731. Tack was not listed in Ledyard’s inventory. It is possible he died or was sold or was never recovered when he ran away in 1766.


Pomp and Susannah were married on 10/15/1750 “at the decree of the master” (this phrase left out of the printed transcription)