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Anderson, John
(Record # 13)
Notes: 05/11/1776 Gov. Cuff resigned and Anderson took over as Black Governor. The transition was controversial.
(Record # 17)
Notes: Barney was given a severe punishment for sexually maiming the 6 year old son of his master; he was whipped twice with 39 lashes and castrated. It is doubtful he could have survived the castration and the second whipping.
(Record # 22)
Notes: "Ben, Indian, Hartford, complaint of his threatening Thos. Andrews with a knife," 11/06/1706 Crims and Misd 1:457b
(Record # 25)
Notes: Baptised in Middletown but described in ch rec as "free Negro woman of Hartford"
(Record # 44)
Notes: Willed to Capt. Hosmer's widow, Ann, who died 1753. By that time it appears Caesar had died, unless he was sold.
(Record # 45)
Castle, Ruben
(Record # 48)
Chirchbel, Cale
(Record # 57)
Notes: Cale Chirchbell was born in 1753. Captain Keith=former owner
Demerant, Jack
(Record # 74)
Notes: Served in the French and Indian War, priv. service, 1755-56 and revolutionary war.
(Record # 77)
Notes: Dick is willed to Cyrpian's widow, Mary for her life. Dick was either sold or died before 1770.
(Record # 79)
Notes: Dige was bequeathed to his wife. Valued at £40.
(Record # 92)
Notes: With other Indians and Negro slaves were summoned to answer charges of nightwalking on November 10, 1710. The name Drusus was not the Native American name. It is a Roman name, the Father of the Emperor Claudius. It was common to use names from antiquity for Native American or African servants and enslaved people.
(Record # 120)
Notes: Possibly the daughter of Hagar who died in 1760. See below.
(Record # 126)
Hero, Hagar
(Record # 127)
Notes: Hagar Hero was born in 1748; after 1805 (age 57) she does not appear in any census or city directory.
(Record # 150)
(Record # 182)
(Record # 186)
Notes: 14 years old at the time of purchase
(Record # 201)
Notes: Mentioned as the mother of Naomi.
(Record # 212)
Notes: This child may have been Amy Pewompskin of Farmington, but that cannot be proven. Thomas Olmsted moved to the West Division in Hartford and was a founding member of that church. No record of Mingoe in his will.

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