Pero aka Apro

A Special County Court 4 July 1716, case of fraudulent sale because Pero has a “loathsome disease”

Wilson, Thomas

Thomas Wilson was born in 1785 and once lived in Middletown, CT. George Phillips is listed as the former owner. Ralph Pomeroy had 2 slaves in 1790 and lived in Hartford. Pomeroy may have died in Fairfield County in 1791, though the probate documents include only a petition for an appointment to a US civil service position. Thomas also could have been owned by Ralph Pomeroy, Jr. who died in Hartford in 1792.

Waubin, John

Woodbridge charged his wife, Abigail with “the improvement of John Wobbin during the time he is bound to serve me at my present rates”; Waubin valued at £24 in T. Woodbridge’s inventory; died with Nathan Whiting’s regiment…

…judgment given against him to pay John Miller Jr. of Middletown the sum of 4 pounds money damages and costs of prosecution of 8 pounds 15 shillings 5 pence; Waubin appeared and said he was unable to satisfy the judgment so the court, upon Waubin’s request to be bound to Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, bound him for 5 years. Waubin to be given “meat Drink Apparell washing and Lodging proper for such a servant” and Woodbridge would pay Miller 8 pounds and the colony treasury 16 pounds.