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Abbot, Flora
(Record # 3)
(Record # 4)
Alfred, Jeremiah (aka Alford)
(Record # 7)
Notes: Jeremiah Alfred was a free man born in 1783; issued SPC on 12/25/1805 (listed as colored)
Alfred, John (aka Alford)
(Record # 8)
Notes: John Alfred was born in 1791. John was free. SPC issued 10/24/1806 (listed as Negro)
Alford, Alpheus
(Record # 9)
Notes: Former owner, Elisha Butler, quitclaimed Alford land and buildings in Hartford; Butler died insolvent in 1783.
Atis, Kitt
(Record # 15)
Notes: Kitt, born circa 1777, was purchased from Holland Weeks of Litchfield in 1789 at age 12. Weeks may have been going to work with Mr. Timothy Swan in VT to study music.
Bartes, John
(Record # 18)
Notes: Bartes, John, petition with others showing that they are free black men who are still held in slavery & praying for emancipation. Conn. Arc. June ( May seas.) 1797 I: 109
Black, Jack
(Record # 29)
Notes: Two persons in the household in 1800. His last name is not actually "Black." He was designated "black" in the census, but people have transcribed it as a surname in secondary sources.
Boardman, Jack
(Record # 30)
Boston, Jr.
(Record # 33)
Boardman, Jemima
(Record # 31)
Notes: Jemima was born in 1769
Boston, Lydia
(Record # 36)
Brown, William
(Record # 38)
Butler, Peggy
(Record # 40)
Notes: Peggy was born in 1787; Delilah was born in 1804. Peggy seems to have died between 1810 and 1824.
Builuce, Louis aka Berbice, Louis
(Record # 41)
Notes: Reiss says early records of Hartford mention that Opdych killed his servant Louis and cites to Greene, Lorenzo J. "Slave-Holding New England and Its Awakening." The Journal of Negro History 13, no. 4 (1928): 492-533, p. 495.
(Record # 43)
Carney, Jacob
(Record # 46)
Notes: Record has "Negro?" He has an estate administration in 1818. Nothing on the estate says "negro." The estate is modest, but he lived next to John Caldwell, Esq. Jacob Carney had a child that died of unknown causes at 2 years old on July 30, 1815.
(Record # 54)
Notes: A member of the Third Regiment from 09/09/1755-12/10/1755
(Record # 55)
Notes: A member of the Third Regiment from 09/07/1755-12/10/1755
Curtiss, Lydia
(Record # 67)
Notes: Fed Censuses for 1790 and 1800 show no enslaved people in the Patten household, but in 1810 the family had one non-white free person living with them

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