Highly Confident

The researchers are highly or entirely confident that this individual was buried in Hartford's Ancient Burying Ground.
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Aaron, Wife of
(Record # 2)
Notes: The index on the microfilm gives the incorrect page number
Abigail, Child of
(Record # 5)
Absalom, Child of
(Record # 6)
Alvert, Alpheus (aka Alford), Child of
(Record # 10)
Notes: Described as "mulatto"; died with sibling
Alford, Wife of Alpheus
(Record # 11)
(Record # 12)
(Record # 14)
Notes: Richard Lord (d. 1711) inherited Andrew from his father's estate; he was valued in inventory at £45; in HCFC: May 18, 1721 "Andrew, negro, married Tamar, negro."
Avery, Unnamed
(Record # 16)
Notes: Drowned. Age not provided in the newspaper, but is in the church record. Census: appears as the 1 slave of John Avery. This enslaved man worked for the owner of a tavern and inn. US Supreme Court Justice John Jay stayed at the inn while riding circuit. Jay's diary has entries for Oct. 11, 13-15 and 17.
Beckwith, Peter
(Record # 19)
Bell, Sophia
(Record # 20)
Notes: Died of Tussis
(Record # 23)
Notes: Burial charged to Joseph Woodbridge
Betsey, Child of
(Record # 24)
Notes: Listed only as "Child of Betzy, Indian."
Black Betsey
(Record # 28)
Notes: Buried at her own expense.
Boston, Child of
(Record # 34)
Boston, Jude, Child of
(Record # 35)
Notes: Died of fits
Boston, Lydia, Child of
(Record # 37)
(Record # 42)
Notes: Buried at the expense of the town; the name may have come from a famous French or Flemish artist, the Master of Busico (or Boucicaut) who painted miniatures.
(Record # 49)
Notes: Cate buried at the expense of Aaron
(Record # 50)
Notes: Seems to have first belonged to Rev. Isaac Foster, valued at £22 in his inventory; belonged to Anne Burnham's son Joseph Buckingham; "Paul Buckingham, Negro" paid for the burial. On the last page of Joseph Buckingham's papers on Ancestry.com (saved in Shoebox) it lists Cato, Zipporah, Nunny and an infant, and Paul, as being Joseph's slaves. Since he never married or had children, his mother Anne inherited his estate. Cato inherited a bequest of 30 pounds when Buckingham died.
(Record # 51)
Notes: The entry in the church record for Cato's death says "Cato Negro", and not "Cato, A Negro." Although no master is identified, the dates suggest this is the same Cato who belonged to the late Samuel Woodbridge--someone known to the Church; In the will of S. Woodbridge, valued with Tony @ £250 for both.

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