Anne Burnham freed the servants; “Zipporah, a Negro Woman. [died of] Old Age. Dropsy. 80 years.” on October 7, 1795. On the last page of Joseph Buckingham’s (d. 1761) papers on it lists Cato, Zipporah, Nunny and an infant, and Paul, as being Joseph’s slaves. Since he never married or had children, his mother Anne inherited his estate. The First Church record of her burial says, “Siperah Negro, Burlal charges the Town.”


“York and Lydia, Negro children, ye Servants of Governor Talcott, he publicly ingaging to bring them up in the Christian religion.”

Willson, Priscilla

In the first manuscript Church record she was referred to only as “Eli Willson’s wife”; died of consumption. In the transcription, she is referred to as “Wife of Eli. Negro.” Eli Willson may have been a white man from Windsor.

Wait, William

Wages due from the Colony for his service on the expedition against Canada, in the year 1709, besides what he had received and taken up there of himself as money, 06-04-05 Hartford, April 2nd, 1711